Why Choose Us

We understand that purchasing a building to use in the garden is quite a difficult decision, as you need to weigh up value for money, with quality and design. By looking at things from the customers point of view, we feel that our garden offices provide outstanding quality and design, at a value for money price.

Why are we value for money?
We have created a design to keep the time on site to a minimum. This ultimately keeps the costs down, as transport, labour and overnight accomodation are all very expensive. We can build a 6m x 3.6m within 150 mile radius within a single day, hence we are efficient and cost effective.
Because we manufacture other buildings, we use the same timber cladding and framing, hence we can keep the costs lower due to the savings we receive in bulk purchases - then pass them on to you.
Before the building is delivered to you, we have already stood it up in our manufacturing bay, ensured everything fits, meaning it all runs smoothly on site.

How good is our quality?
Doors and windows are double glazed, and are joinery grade. Windows are complete with locks, and doors have a 5 lever lock. We can upgrade to multipoint locks. Felt tiles onto underfelt and guttering complete the outside, with the inside featuring skirting, architrave and finishing strips, along with the option of laminate flooring. The interior timber lining board itself adds yet further thermal insulation to the 75mm cellotex in the floor and 50mm insulation to the walls & ceiling, as well as the additional bonus of sound insulation. The cladding is slow grown redwood from Scandinavian FSC certificated forests, and our manufacturing and assembly teams have been with us for many years, and are employed by Warwick Buildings.

How about a turnkey solution.
We understand that many people want to deal with one company and have a turnkey operation, simply adding their furniture at the end, and there are companies that do offer this package. In these cases you will find that the prices are all a lot more expensive than us. So what is the reason?
If we start with the base, a local contractor will certainly be cheaper due to logistics, however the turnkey option will either use a local builder with a premium added into the price, or a more expensive base due to additonal transport and time on site. 
In most cases the buildings are also constructed on site, sometimes taking up to 10 days on site - and as labour is a big cost, the less time on site needed to finish the building, the more you save. It is logical that it takes less time to pre manufacture the panels on a jig where all the materials and tools are at hand and undercover, rather than "setting up the workshop" in the garden, subject to the predictable british weather.
If you can utilise a local builder, and electrician, you can save a lot of money on your project, and still reach the same result. For details on groundwork please click here.  

Why is Cedar so expensive
Cedar takes a lot longer to grow than softwood, and is in short supply compared to the softwoods. It is simply a case of supply & demand that means Cedar is more expensive, as there is less Cedar to go round. This means the price is more expensive per cubic metre.    

Compare to a Log Cabin
A log cabin has the 28mm or 44mm T&G to the external wall, which although appears to provide a thermally efficient wall, under close inspection is not as efficient as first impressions would have you believe.
The nature of timber is that it expands and contracts, as the climate changes, which often ultimately results in small gaps appearing when the boards dry out, resulting in a not so thermally efficient building. - in fact some log cabin windows can move up and down to allow for the natural shrinkage (which again is not very thermally efficient). The way round this is to internally line with insulation and a secondary lining board - (just as one of our buildings). Going back to the T&G timber, in most cases the building arrives in kit form, ready for assembly. This should be preserved (pressure treated is best) to improve life expectancy of your building. This would need to be done in the garden on a dry day, thus increasing the work required before assembly.
The internal aesthetics of the log cabin looks lovely, however this can be compromised when adding surface mounted electric wiring and plug sockets. 
Log cabins also come with felt tiles, however in almost all cases, there is not an underfelt or additional eaves protection supplied as standard, and guttering maybe an optional extra. Please ensure your assembly team know what they are doing, as our experinced team have taken 2 days to erect a log cabin - smaller than one of the offices we would erect in a day. 

Compare to other Garden Offices
For those looking for the building that ticks the boxes, we have found that time and time again, the customers that do their homework consistantly select a Warwick Office as their preferred choice. Because we have designed a building that can be erected within a single day, our costs are dramatically saved over our competitors, and providing you can get a local builder to prepare a base, you will find us extremely competitvely priced. 
Simply put, we have built and installed hundreds of Garden Offices, receiving outstanding feedback, resulting in hundreds of delighted customers who are more than happy to recommend us to friends and families.
We offer a range of designs and styles to suit all surroundings, and invite you to ask for us to provide a quotation to supply and install your garden office, to ensure you get it right first time.